Resources to Help with Foreclosure in Florida

Resources to Help with Foreclosure in Florida

Foreclosure is a long and draining process. Going through foreclosure alone adds even more stress to the situation and leave you feeling there is no way to turn. 407Foreclosure Help has been helping families and individuals navigate the difficult process for over 10 years! Take a look below at some of the different resources we have gathered to help with foreclosure in Florida.

Foreclosure in florida help

  1. Avoid Foreclosure

Get help avoiding or stopping foreclosure by getting in contact with us. Our professional and determined attitude will make sure that you are aware of all your options. Reach out to us here or give us a call to schedule a time to talk!

  1. Credit Counseling

Locate certified credit counselors to help you gain info on how to improve your credit.

  1. Florida Consumer Resources

Consumer resource guide to the Department of Elder Affairs

  1. Florida Mortgage Payment Assistance

Follow this link to learn how you can get mortgage payment assistance to help with foreclosure in Florida. (Florida homeowners only)

  1. Foreclosure Help Workshops

Find a foreclosure help workshop in your area.

  1. Housing Help Workshops

Find a housing help workshop near you

  1. Loss Mitigation Departments

A directory of mortgage companies and their loss mitigation departments.

With over 10 years of experience, it has allowed us to build our network of knowledge and contacts and be able to share this with you. Get help with foreclosure in Florida from 407Foreclosure Help today by filling out our contact sheet here or giving us a call!

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