Florida Foreclosure Scams

Florida foreclosure scams

Florida foreclosure scams

As Florida foreclosure scams continue to rise the need to learn how to protect yourself grows also. Foreclosure is a long tough process that can break down many homeowners. Knowing your options though and putting together a good defense can be the difference between losing your home and avoiding or even stopping foreclosure. Getting involved and in contact with your lender early in the process and a foreclosure attorney can help your situation and with avoiding Florida foreclosure scams as many will look to take advantage of you in this delicate time.

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Real estate Florida foreclosure scams

Florida foreclosure scams come in many forms and in many cases when a homeowner is desperate for a solution, detecting these scams and untrustworthy people becomes that much harder. The scams can include equity skimming and stripping, lenders who offer new refinancing with very low-interest rates allowing you to pay only the interest at the beginning without noticing that your principal loan stays unpaid while they make money on the interest. Other ways to scam unsuspecting homeowners include phony counseling agencies who offer their services to save your home for high fees just to turn and disappear, or fake internet lenders who ask you to apply for a refinancing loan online or over the phone just to steal your sensitive information. Understand and be aware that because of this distressing situation some people will prey on this and try to take advantage. Don’t let this happen and learn your options.

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Learn Florida foreclosure law and procedure

It is hard to fool and use someone on something they already know vs someone who has no knowledge or understanding. For this reason, learning your options and getting the facts on Florida foreclosure is your best defense. Florida has many laws on foreclosure. Homeowners have the right to redeem the property by paying all the outstanding debts plus the penalties. Generally, this is very difficult to accomplish but the option is there. Knowing your foreclosure rights and the legal process is important to not get tricked also. Most states have a timeline one must follow to redeem their home so being aware of this is also a must. You should know that in Florida foreclosure is a legal proceeding which means that the case will have to be done in court in front of a judge to be effective. Getting as much knowledge you can on the topic beforehand will help you later on in the battle. Read our blogs to get more foreclosure knowledge. Reach out to learn your options and talk with a foreclosure professional. 

5 ways to stop or avoid foreclosure
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Figure out your existing options

One step many homeowners should do is sit down and look at their existing options. One option may be refinancing your home mortgage. Though this option may not be viable to everyone. Several factors play into whether or not you can refinance your home mortgage including; your financial situation and if you can afford to pay a mortgage refinance and finding a lender to work with you. Making sure your options are a real possibility are important and talking with foreclosure experts can help you decide on your best option. Negotiating your current loan terms and asking for a revision or payment terms and interest may assist you also in saving your home.

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Get Professional Florida foreclosure help

407Foreclosure Help has been helping families stop or avoid foreclosure for over 10 years. We understand the central Florida market and can help you understand your options. Real estate investors, such as ourselves, can buy your distressed property before it is foreclosed. By doing this you are able to avoid having a foreclosure under your name and avoid the huge credit and housing hit that would have happened. Fill out the form here to get in contact with one of our professionals and get a property quote.

Hundreds of families face foreclosure every month. Acting fast and understanding your situation and options is key to success or avoiding or stopping foreclosure. Learn your options and preserve your credit. Working with a competent real estate investor is most advisable to help you navigate your tricky situation. Selling your home before the bank takes it can save your credit and save you from being barred from buying a new home for years. If you think you risk losing your home don’t wait and pick up the phone and call us for help!

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